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Today was a Good Day

Today I traveled to Jersey City to speak to a group of motivated individuals who are taking their careers into their own hands and working hard to achieve what many of us take for granted, a career in Technology.  This has been made possible thanks to the efforts of the staff and leadership of the…

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I.T.’s Groundhog Day

When an IT organization is given the mandate from the CIO to transform and the funding from the Business to do so, it is like getting the word from  Punxsutawney Phil that Spring will be right on time!  This means a renewed focus on stability, availability and innovation.  With such a message from the top,…

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We Are Generation “A”

During the Executive Connections sessions of the recent Fusion 15 conference, one topic kept injecting itself into nearly every conversation and that was basically “What the hell do we do with Millennials?” You know the ones, those that have never had a phone conversation tethered to a wall because the cord didn’t reach past 6 feet….

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Shot with DxO ONE

HDI/itSMF Fusion 2015

This year marked my return to the Service Management Fusion Event after 8 years.  The last time I had attended a Fusion event it was much smaller and in Charlotte, NC. Although I have been staying somewhat plugged into the community on-line, I had not had the opportunity to actually “engage” like I should have….

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Benefits to being Soft?

So in working through a very intense Business Case review of our initial project implementation, I find it somewhat interesting when trying to not just identify what is referred to as “Soft Benefits,” but also in trying to quanitfy them. The thing about Soft Benefits is that they are usually people related, and in most…

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Are SLAs Really “Go Deep or Go Home?”

Most companies operate with a very basic “all encompassing” set of SLAs for the general processes enacted. In trying to get to a true Service Based SLA structure, it can get quite complex. The transition to maturity in the SLA arena is a very harrowing journey. Almost akin to the Hobbit trilogy. Especially when dealing…

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Sandwiches as a Service

When implementing a transformative move towards IT Service Management you may find too many silo’s running independent of one another. Most organizations embarking on this journey are nothing more than a group of independent cogs spinning in their own direction very much unaware of any other cog’s role in the larger wheel. In many ways…

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It’s not Business… It’s Personal

The challenge for many organizations is how to implement centralized customer support. An experience I had the other morning highlighted to me what is probably the best experience I have had with an actual Service Desk. So much so, that I felt the need to actually say something about this lost art of making customer…

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